The portfolio reviews concept is fairly open-ended. Based on what kind of work you do, we will try to pair you up with a reviewer who can offer you relevant feedback, but you are free (and encouraged) to walk around and share your work with anyone and everyone!

Our event starts with a quick presentation, where you will be introduced to the reviewers, the speakers, and anything else happening at the event.

We will then have the keynote presentation, after which we will break into reviews. At this time you will also be free to mingle, grab a bite and a drink, and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Behance Portfolio Review Week is a global initiative (over 80 countries!) that brings creatives together to share their work and get valuable feedback.

  • A bit of both. There will be a speaker for about twenty minutes, and the rest of the night is for you to share your work, get feedback, or just have a good time hanging out.

  • There are no enforced dress codes—dress comfortably, and remember it never hurts to look good when you're trying to make an impression.

  • The format of the event is fairly casual—we will make recommendations about who to see for feedback based on what kind of work you do, but you are free to show your work to whomever you wish.

    Do be mindful of others when showing your work—we suggest about five minutes per person.

  • Of course! If you're interested in hearing good ideas, seeing cool work, and meeting interesting people, we'd love to have you there. Also, we hear there might be giant jenga. And cupcakes. And milkshakes. And bacon...

  • The event is open, and anyone can attend. However, RSVPs give us an idea of how many people to expect, and should we ever have more people than we can accommodate, priority will be given to those attendees.

  • The Meetup page is "official"—it's what the lovely folks at Behance HQ use to monitor the various communities across the globe. We feel like Facebook events are convenient for the people in our community, so have decided to have both options.

  • The event is entirely free. However, there is a suggested donation to help cover costs.

  • Ordinary people just like you. Find out more about the team.

  • No. Bring your work ready to show, in whatever format you think shows it off best. Prints, 3D pieces and just about anything else are welcome.

    Last time around, the Wi-Fi was patchy, so bear that in mind and pre-download any online work.