With #BehanceReviews 5 just over a week ahead, we’re thrilled to announce our panel of reviewers—some of the finest creative minds the incredibly gifted city of Montreal has to offer will be available to look over your work and offer their insights. Refer to our Special Guests page for the latest news on the panel. Introducing the Panel:

Carolane Godbout


As an Art Director at Akufen, and having worked with clients such as Ubisoft, Reebok and the National Film Board, you can trust Carolane’s eye for detail.

Carole Guevin


Carole founded Netdiver, one of the first sites to chronicle everything new and cool in the world of web design. As such, we’re sure she’ll have plenty to say about your web-related projects.

Charles Daoud


Charles’ type-based work is pretty phenomenal. He works as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, and will be on hand to look over your work with his keen eye.

Michael Mason


Having previously worked for POP Montreal, Cloudraker and Chez Valois, amongst others, Michael’s versatility and range will come in handy considering the diversity of creative talents that will walk through our doors this month.

Ohara Hale


Ohara’s quirky, hand-drawn, seemingly irreverent style seems to permeate her illustrations, books and music. She’s building a niche for herself on her unique combination of aesthetics and humour.

Pierre Manning


Pierre works as a Photographer and Art Director, creating dreamlike visuals with a hint of nostalgia. Anyone who creates conceptual pieces will definitely want to get his feedback.

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