Since the beginning, our event and community have been sponsored by a bunch of lovely people, and we’d like to highlight the amazing individuals and brands that are supporting us.

Tattoo Hero is a new Canadian startup intent on taking the tattoo world by storm. Focused on connecting tattoo enthusiasts with shops and artists locally and around the world, their mission is to make the process of getting your next tattoo metaphorically painless.

Founders Brandon Waselnuk, Minh Dao and Steve Tannahill

We met the TH guys during their 3-month stint in Montreal, as part of the FounderFuel programme, where I had the privilege of shooting an interview for them with Top Chef Danny Smiles. They’re extremely committed to their startup, as is evident by the growth they’ve experienced this year, and great guys to boot.

If you’re a tattoo artist looking to get more clients, a tattoo enthusiast looking to find you next tattoo, or simply looking to plug in to the incredible tattoo community out there, definitely look them up at

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