Sponsor Shoutout: Pursebox

Since the beginning, our event and community have been sponsored by a bunch of lovely people, and we’d like to highlight the amazing individuals and brands that are supporting us.

Pursebox is a new arrival on the “Canadian Purse Scene”, dealing in quality leather bags. They have a growing collection of lines to fit any style and budget.


At Behance Reviews 5, Pursebox were kind enough to provide cupcakes for all the guests, and they’ve agreed to do the same this time around!

Ania, the founder of Pursebox, played a huge role in the first ever Behance Reviews event here in Montreal, and has been involved ever since. Equally, members of the team here have collaborated with her on other endeavours, including shooting the lookbook and catalogue for the new Pursebox collections.

2014-05-16 17.24.43

If you’re on the hunt for a lovely leather purse, head on over to pursebox.ca!

Behance Reviews 6 kicks off on Friday, November 7 at 6:00pm. Register today via Eventbrite.