Sponsor Shoutout: Maison Notman House

Since the beginning, our event and community have been sponsored by a bunch of lovely people, and we’d like to highlight the amazing individuals and brands that are supporting us.

Where would we be, without our incredible venue, Maison Notman House? Known as Montreal’s tech hub and the “home of the web”, Notman offers office space to companies looking to get started, coworking space for freelancers, digital nomads and anyone in need of a desk, and meeting rooms for those all important pitches.


The space itself has a wonderful history, having belonged to some of Montreal’s aristocracy, and was even home to the Just for Laughs Festival at one point, before its current occupation by Real Ventures. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon this venue way back in May 2012, when we held Behance Reviews 3 here, and haven’t looked back since. In that time, they’ve completed a rather ambitious renovation, and are now able to show off the house in all its glory.

Courtesy Bjorn Swenson

There’s always something interesting going on there, and they really are at the heart of Montreal’s vibrant tech scene. Check out their events calendar for more.

Behance Reviews 6 kicks off on Friday, November 7 at 6:00pm. Register today via Eventbrite.