Since the beginning, our event and community have been sponsored by a bunch of lovely people, and we’d like to highlight the amazing individuals and brands that are supporting us.

We’re excited to announce that Montreal’s hottest yoga studio, ensō yoga will be sponsoring our 6th Behance Review event by providing free yoga passes to all our guests.

ensō yoga is a beautiful & unique hot yoga studio located on Peel & Maisonneuve, that offers not only hot yoga, but hot Pilates and hot barre.


If you’re looking for a great place to zen out and get a good workout, check them out at

If you’re looking for a challenge this winter, you can ‘change your body, and change your life’ by participating in the 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge which starts on November 10th!

Behance Reviews 6 kicks off on Friday, November 7 at 6:00pm. Register today via Eventbrite.


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